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Alliance Electrical Services

Commercial Lighting & Electrical Services for New York Buildings

Although Alliance provides a range of professional electrical maintenance services such as electrical and lighting repairs, our greatest value lies in providing ongoing support to properties in determining how to most efficiently implement, operate, and sustain their energy systems. The experts at Alliance have a proven track record of helping businesses improve the overall energy efficiency and bottom lines of their facilities.

Alliance Building Services will work directly with you to ascertain and provide the electrical and lighting services that best meet your core organizational needs while at the same time ensuring an attractive and productive atmosphere for your clients and employees. All Alliance technicians are licensed New York commercial electricians, so you can rest assured you will receive the highest quality electrical work for your business.


About Alliance Electrical and Lighting Services

Partner with Alliance Building Services to increase productivity and reduce energy costs by ensuring your electrical and lighting systems are properly functioning, optimized, and maintained.

Our goal is to not just maintain your building’s lighting, but to implement an electrical system that will create an atmosphere where your clients and employees feel safe, comfortable, and productive. The Alliance approach is a proactive approach in which assessing your business needs comes first. Only after we've determined what makes the most business sense to you, your clients and employees, do we examine and recommend systems and techniques your business can leverage to improve operations.


Alliance Electrical Services

Alliance Building Services offers the following electrical service options for our clients:

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Alliance Building Services is currently seeking qualified electricians to provide quality electrical and lighting services for our clients throughout the NY Metropolitan Area. Applications are being readily accepted and reviewed.

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