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Why Alliance

As a leading provider of building services, we take pride in keeping your properties – and your people – safe and secure.We offer a family of services that includes Maintenance, Security, Restoration, Electrical, and Painting & Flooring.


Alliance Building Services has over 60+ years of experience and employs over 4,000 full-time employees in New York City. Our headquarters are strategically located in midtown Manhattan on West 36th Street and our 24/7 Dispatch Desk ensures rapid response to emergencies at any time of day or night, any day of the week. Your account executive is available 24/7.


Alliance Building Services multi-tiered management approach will allow for total success during the life of the Agreement. The property will be assigned to one “team” that consists of a Senior Vice President, Operations Director, Account Executive, Operations Executive, and Administrative Assistant. The aforementioned, along with the site Operations Manager will combine to execute on all aspects of the Agreement. There are several components that go into our preparation of servicing a new property. Some of the key components include a team meeting to ensure that each and every team member has a full understand of the scope of work, prepare and order needed supplies and equipment , meet with the property management staff to establish the correct communication protocol. During this time, we will also address proper emergency response procedures and special building requirements.

Safety & Training

Emergency Response, Key, and Security Control